Powerful Instant Search

If you are looking for certified or loose diamond DiamFair Powerful Search will give you instant access to filter stock by your search criteria and gives you stock count instantly. Our Advance search is designed to search your requirement with detailed specification even pair diamond and availability status. DiamFair Search gives you what you really expected to search.

Quick Search

DaimFair Quick Search Screen gives you whole certified diamond stock overview in one screen. Quick Search is one advance stock grid format in which you can see available certified diamond count by clairy, color and diamond weight range so its easy search your need by just click.

Create WatchList

WatchList gives you to select certified diamond to add in watch so user does not have to search repeatedly. Thus from watchlist user can other action

Make an Offer

By this feature member can make an offer to seller for listed diamond by increasing discount or own suitable price and crate a discussion thread like chat with each offer.

Hold Request

Hold request gives option to put diamond on hold request to seller so seller can get prompt and wait to sell that diamond to other buyer.

Create Demand

DiamFair has designed this features specially to analyze new upcoming stock from date when member create demand by selected their criteria. here our algorithm will show you new arrival stock count which matches member’s selected criteria so member can access only those diamonds from whole DiamFair Diamond Inventory.

Member Directory

Easy to find businesses related to Diamond Business and reputed customers. DiamFair members get their own Profile page shows there company information, rating and overview with their stock information in public. To connect these type of businesses world wide DiamFair allows you to send connection request to particular company and messaging facility to expand relationship with your desired seller or company. Member can also get information of their own profile visits from other member in last 1 month.

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